CoffeeScript Is the future of JavaScript

What is CoffeeScript? It's an abstraction on top of JavaScript that makes your code more maintainable, readable and beautiful. Your CoffeeScript compiles down to JavaScript that runs as fast (if not faster) than your otherwise hand coded JavaScript would. A bonus is that it runs through JSLint error-free.

Why do I think that CoffeeScript will take over the landscape of JavaScript? Simple. Because it's committee-free. There is no major group that controls it. It's a simple abstraction on top of current standards that forces you to write sane JavaScript (almost as if it came out of the book JavaScript, The Good Parts).

JavaScript has been a nearly quality-control-less language since the beginning. There have been some great strides towards forcing better quality on JavaScript, but most of them are trying to drag other paradigms in to the JavaScript world, rather than forcing good JavaScript practices from the very beginning. Things such as appropriate scoping have often alluded even strong JavaScript developers for a long time. With the advent of CoffeeScript, it makes JavaScript "feel" a little bit more like a fully featured object oriented language.

"What about the next version of ECMAScript? Wont that fix a lot of the problems?"

Where is it? I still don't see even a shell implementation in one of the latest and greatest modern browsers. Moreover, when can we use it? I'm still coding to IE6 specifications on occasion. How long is an acceptable grace period before I can just start disregarding the previous version of ECMAScript?

The answer is here and now. Something on top of JavaScript to enforce standards and make things more readable. Yes, it's syntactic sugar on top of JavaScript. That's a good thing. JavaScript is half-baked and half-readable- CoffeeScript will make life easier while we're waiting for the next big script level to get to where we can use it regularly (which I'm guessing at somewhere around 2016).