Google OS Review

So, I got a chance to take a sneak peek at the new Google OS. Or at least, what seems to be the new Google OS.

Not that I'm special in any way: http://discuss.gdgt.com/google/chrome-os/general/download-chrome-os-vmware-image/

However, I just want to throw a few quick thoughts out on the intarwebs.

1) I really like the concept. The computer is part of the network. Your sign in to your computer actually is your Google ID. I like that idea. Problem is? What happens if you're not actually connected? It'd be impossible to use your system. Not that most computer users these days can tell the difference between not having internet and not being able to do anything..

2) It's a good start. Which is exactly where I figure that they are. Starting. Inside of a couple years I am sure that they will have a lot of the bugs smoothed out. But as far as usage as a netbook system? It's just about perfect. Throw that with a 3g card in a netbook, and you've got an "internet based" computer. I never really understood what people saw in netbooks short of being used for that...

3) Not a geek in creation will be happy with it. I can hear the cries already: "I can't install my local server? Worthless!" "It's based on Linux and all you can do is browse the net? Are you kidding me?" Basically, the people who will miss the point of it entirely.

4) It wont be a competitor with Windows. Unless we're going back to dumb thin clients. Which is basically what the OS feels like. Even though it is a fully featured OS, it doesn't have that feel to it, since you are only able to be on the web. I think there is going to be a lot of resistance by the geeks before this ever truly becomes a reality.

That's all I have for now. I think it'll be some time before wide adoption. On anything other than netbooks anyways. I still think virtualization of software is more likely than everything in a browser.

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